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It’s vital to look after your feet, and without the right shoes your feet could get damaged and you might find yourself with all sorts of foot problems.

We take a look in detail at the best ways to choose various types of shoes, and which are the best shoes to buy in each category.

Zumba shoesRYKA Women's Rythmic Shoe

Some people think that there’s no need to buy special shoes for Zumba and that they can just use their regular running shoes. However, this is not usually a very good idea. The problem with regular running shoes is that they have too much grip, meaning that your feet cannot move easily from side to side and it is possible to cause serious damage to your knees. Zumba shoes have special pivots that allow this movement. We look at what else you should be looking out for when buying a dance shoe in more detail and review some of the best Zumba shoes here.

Hiking shoeshiking boot

It’s very important to have the right hiking shoe when you go on a hike, choose the wrong one and it can easily damage both your feet and your holiday. For short trips, light hiking boots, similar to running sneakers, are fine, but for longer trips and when you have to carry a heavy backpack, a more heavyweight boot is needed. The weather conditions you are likely to encounter will also play a big part in deciding on which boot to choose. We take a look at what you should look out for when choosing a hiking boot and choose some of the best brands and makes on the market at the moment.

Crossfit shoescrossfit shoe

It’s possible to use running sneakers for doing Crossfit, but more experienced and knowledgeable Crossfitters know that it’s better to have special shoes, that are lighter and make your feet feel much more connected to the floor. Some people prefer to have one shoe to do all their Crossfitting while others have a separate pair for some activities, such as weightlifting. We take a closer look at Crossfit sneakers and at some of the best ones to buy here.